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Glyconutrients and the Immune System

The human body is a very vulnerable creation, and without the immensely strong and powerful line of defense, that is the immune system. If we did not have this natural line of protection provided by the immune system, the bacteria and microbes would destroy…

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Something that is frequently asked of people is whether we fight germs while cleaning and whether these germs are actually killed during the cleaning process. Or do cleaning products just get up dirt and grime? Some misconceptions come from the media and commercials, and…

54 Ways To Lose Weight

Try to add as many of these tips to your daily routine, and you will surely be well on the way to a slimmer, healthier you. We don’t get fat “overnight” – so you should expect it to take a certain amount of time…

Help For Insomnia

Do you experience difficulty falling or staying asleep? Do you awake often during the night or have restless sleep? Do you wake too early, or simply not feel refreshed in the morning? Assuming that there are not other factors affecting your sleep (such as…

The reality Of The Coronavirus

The Corona Virus pandemic is sweeping the globe. Some countries are at crisis points in resources and medical care. People are paralyzed by fear. Medical care rationing is a real possibility. They will have to decide who gets medical care and who does not….

The Staircase Relaxation Technique

Stress can have some very unhealthy effects. It can be shown in the body as well as the mind, and it can contribute to emotional and physical problems. It can show up with heart issues, digestive issues, and can cause muscle pain and body…

Why Vitamin and Nutrient Supplementation is Needed for everyone

Many people believe if you eat a well-balanced and healthy diet it will provides all of the necessary and needed vitamins and minerals that are necessary and needed for good vital and strong health. In perfect and ideal circumstances, this is certainly the case….

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