Glyconutrients and the Immune System

The human body is a very vulnerable creation, and without the immensely strong and powerful line of defense, that is the immune system. If we did not have this natural line of protection provided by the immune system, the bacteria and microbes would destroy the body back down to its essential components in a matter of a few days.

When the body dies, and this happens, it is the result of not having an immune system. The body’s immune system works all the time, day in and day out without getting much recognition. But when the immune system fails, it becomes very noticeable.

We inhale and take in and eat thousands of microbes every day. The immune system is what prevents them from causing all the many diseases. When a bacterium manages to break through the body’s immune system on occasion, we wind up getting diseases. When the immune system becomes aware of these microbes, it gets to work fighting them, and we can get over the illness.

When we are all born, we have a natural defense system that is genetically based. The most important organ of our immune defense system is the skin. An injury to the skin becomes a gateway for microbes to enter into the body. This alerts the body to a foreign presence, inside the body, and it then causes the immune system to react, getting rid of the microbes. While this is happening, the skin repairs the wound., When this process does not occur or happen fast enough, it will result in an infection.

When we get a bump on the skin after a mosquito bite, this is a sign of the immune system functioning and reacting to foreign substances being injected into the body from the bite.

Our bodies would not exist without our immune system. Look at the things that can occur with a sub-par immune system.

Our bodies recognize our healthy and normal cells through markers in the body. If the body does not recognize a cell, then it treats it as a foreign body and will attack it.

When there is a breakdown of this process, then the body can attack its own cells. This breakdown causes autoimmune diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, certain types of Diabetes, and all forms of Arthritis. All these are caused by the immune system attacking its own cells in the body. Allergies are also the result of the immune system overreacting to certain substances and causes a reaction in the body like a rash, sneezing, and nasal congestion. A severe reaction can cause anaphylaxis, and this is life-threatening. The body basically goes into overdrive, and the responses are critical enough to threaten life.

Diabetes happens when the immune system attacks and destroys the cells in the pancreas. Rheumatoid Arthritis can also the result of the immune system attacking itself and destroys the joints. The immune system can also create many problems during organ transplants when the body rejects the organ as a seperate foreign substance that is in the body. This is why people with organ transplants must take medications that suppress the immune system. This can cause other problems, though, since the immune system is inhibited, and the body doesn’t fight other foreign substances in the body, an infection can occur.

You need to keep your immune system working correctly, especially since the earth is becoming more and more polluted. This is becoming a tough task, and people are suffering from many health problems because of it. Recent research has shown leading scientists to believe that certain sugars represent the next new and great frontier for researchers to find non-toxic compounds that will support and enhance the immune system function.

Sugars, called glyconutrients, have already been discovered, and there are eight of them so far. Unfortionalty only two are found in our diets. These eight essential sugars work to supply the body with glyconutrients that are needed for cell communication. When they are giving out noble peace prizes, Four of the last eight of them in medicine have gotten awarded for research into Glycobiology, which is the study of gluconutrients. A steady and regular supply of glyconutrients is needed for keeping the immune system working in good working order. It has been found that the body can recover and heal much faster when glyconutrients are used when administering for cancer treatment, chemotherapy, and radiation.

The problem is that the same toxins in the environment that weaken and tear down our delicate immune system can also affect the body’s ability to synthesize and use these glyconutrients. This is why we should take supplements of glyconutrients to get a regular supply of them into our bodies.

Our world is sadly becoming more and more polluted with contaminates and becoming damaged. The body is finding it more and more difficult to fight these illnesses through our natural immune system. It is now up to scientists to come up with ways to help us use our medical knowledge to come up with ways to help us combat the problem of the environment and the body’s need for more glyconutrients. It may mean our very existence as human beings for us to come up with a sustainable and working solution.

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