The reality Of The Coronavirus

picture of the coronavirus. and word says coronavirus

The Corona Virus pandemic is sweeping the globe. Some countries are at crisis points in resources and medical care. People are paralyzed by fear. Medical care rationing is a real possibility. They will have to decide who gets medical care and who does not. This is real, and it is going to affect all aspects of the world and its people seriously.

Symptoms of Corona Virus is a lot like the regular flu. Fever, coughing, body ached, and headaches are common symptoms. It disproportionately affects all of the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions. The elderly are dying at alarming rates.

Wash your hands and don’t touch your face, coughing into your elbow, wearing a mask in public are a few ways to prevent it. Disinfecting your home is needed. This is especially true if people are leaving their homes and coming and going outside.

The most significant way to avoid getting the Coronavirus and to stop spreading it is isolation and staying home. If you have go out, wear a mask and wash up thoroughly when you come back. Completly avoid those with pre-existing conditions, compromised immune systems, and the elderly. These people are most at risk of dying from the Corona Virus.

Human Behavior
As expected with human behavior, there are those hoarding, and there are limits to get essential resources. And there are those taking advantage of this crisis to make a buck. This can be avoided if we all work together and think of other people before ourselves.

Good stories ARE coming out of people helping their fellow man. This gives one hope for the world.

Economic Worries
Then there are the economic worries. These are very real. They are saying that it will cause a deep recession. Millions will lose their jobs. Stores are closing, and resources are limited. There is the specter of economic collapse.

That being said, there IS hope. If positive human behavior wins out, we will all get through this is we work together and think of others before ourselves. Things may be truly different after this. We just don’t know. Let’s work together as brothers and sisters. We WILL get through it, and we WILL prevail. We are strong, and we are strong TOGETHER!

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