The Staircase Relaxation Technique

Stress can have some very unhealthy effects. It can be shown in the body as well as the mind, and it can contribute to emotional and physical problems. It can show up with heart issues, digestive issues, and can cause muscle pain and body aches. It can even cause pain.

Relaxation techniques are known to help manage the various effects of stress on the body and the mind. You can learn different methods to get you to a state of complete relaxation and a deep sense of calmness in the body and the mind. They require only a small amount of your time and effort to do, and you can significantly benefit from doing them regularly.

Here is a natural and easy relaxation technique that a lot of people have found helpful and beneficial to manage their stress.

The Stair Step Relaxation Technique

First, you begin with a series of very deep and heavy, cleansing breaths. You will feel your entire body relax and calm down as you slowly breath in and out steadily. You will find it helpful if you imagine all the excess tension and heavy stress leaving your body when you exhale, and then allow the feeling of peace to fill you as you inhale. Imagine peace and tranquility as you inhale.

Do this for about two to three minutes, and you will begin to feel the tension leaving each of your muscles, every one of them, one at a time.

Then you will be ready to do this, picture yourself at the very top of a long flight of 10 stairs. Take one step down on these stairs, and while doing this, imagine that your entire body, your whole mind, and your entire spirit feel more and more calm and relaxed, and you will feel more at ease at this step. Say out loud or in your mind, “One” as you go down the stairs slowly.

With each step that you go down, imagine yourself in a deeper and deeper state of calm and relaxation. Say the number of each step as you go down them.

When you finally reach 10, after you have slowly gone down the stairs, you will be entirely calm, relaxed, and in total peace. Your worries, fears, and concerns will vanish as you go deeper into this relaxed and peaceful state. There are no problems or concerns in this space. You are totally at peace with your body and your mind. Your spirit will feel free and at peace.

After you have experienced this feeling of complete calm and relaxation, you will then be ready to come back up the stairs again. Every step up you take, you will feel more alert and awake and aware. Each step up brings more clarity and awareness. You will start to be alert to your surroundings. Stay there for a little while

Your mind, body, soul, and spirit will keep the state of calm you achieved after you return to the top step. You will feel that you have a burst of new and exhilarating energy and a committed sense of purpose. You will have a joy for life and a feeling that things will all be well. You feel like you can handle anything that comes your way.

Remind yourself of that peace and calm when things are thrown at you today and know you can come back to this technique at any time to get back to that state of complete rest, relaxation, peace, and calm.

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