5 Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety

someone upset with her  hand covering her face

So many people have serious chronic stress and anxiety. They face many symptoms such as nervousness, agitation, tension, a racing heart,pins and needles in the hands,restlessness, chest tightness, and chest pain.

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health and emotional issue. In the United States, more than 18 percent of adults suffer from anxiety disorders every year.

There are some cases that another health condition, such as an overactive thyroid, can lead to an anxiety disorder. You need to get an accurate diagnosis to ensure that you receives the very best treatment.

Natural remedies are safe to use alongside more conventional medical therapies.

People doing different exercises


Exercise is a wonderful way to burn off your anxious energy, and research supports this use.

2015 review of 12 randomized controlled trials found that exercise may be a treatment for anxiety. However, the review did caution that only research of higher quality could definitively determine how effective it is.

Exercise may also help with anxiety caused by stressful circumstances.

shadow of someone meditating in the meditative pose.


Meditation can really help to slow your racing thoughts and make it easier to manage your stress and anxiety. There are a wide range of meditation styles that include mindfulness and meditation which may help.

Mindfulness-based meditation is becoming increasingly popular in therapy. A 2010 meta-analytic review suggests that it can be very highly effective for people with anxiety and anxiety related disorders.

hand writing in a notebook


Finding different ways to express yourself can make anxiety feel more manageable.

Some research suggests that keeping a journal and other forms of writing can help people to cope better with anxiety.

2016 study, for example, found that children doing creative writing may help children and teens to manage anxiety.

Aroma Therapy With Essential Oils

Smelling some gentle and soothing plant essential oils can help to ease and soothe stress and anxiety. Certain scents work better for some people than others, so consider doing some experimenting with various oils.

Lavender may be very especially helpful. A 2012 study tested the effects of aromatherapy with lavender on insomnia in 67 women aged 45–55. Results suggest that the aromatherapy may reduce the heart rate in the short term and help to ease and relieve sleep issues in the long term.

bottles of cbd oil with a hand holding the dropper

Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is one of 100+ compounds of the cannabis, or marijuana, plant.

Unlike other forms of marijuana, CBD oil does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which is the substance that creates a “high.” or “stoned” feeling.

CBD oil is 100% legal and readily available without a prescription in many health stores and online stores . Preliminary research suggests that it has significant benefit and potential to reduce anxiety and panic.

There many more ways too. Relieving anxiety does not have to be with harmful adddicted medications. Using alternative methods to rieliev anxiety is a safer and more gentle way to soothe anxiety.

Research is finding that alternative methods to relieve anxiety work and is a viable option for those wanting a healthy and natural approach.



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