What Are Terpenes And What Do They Do?

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What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are a class of active compounds that are known as aromatic hydrocarbons. They can be found in so many different plants, fruits, trees, and of course, cannabis. Terpenes are fragrant oils that give will give plants their distinctive smell and they also provide the aromatic diversity between the different cannabis strains. If you have ever come into direct contact with Hemp and cannabis, you would notice that the different plants give off very distinct smells, ranging from orange citrus or sweet fruit to very pungent , deep and earthy. So what you actually smell is the individual plant’s terpene profile. But terpenes actually go way beyond just cannabis though. They are very easily found in pretty much in all different ways of natural foods, plants, and products. One good example, if you have ever put syrup on top of your pancakes, you have just eaten and ingested over 300 terpenes alone!!!. If you ever go into the mountains and you smelled the very distinct aroma of pine trees, those are actually the tree’s terpenes. The wonderful news is that terpenes offer so many therapeutic benefits on their own, but when coupled with cannabinoids like CBD, those therapeutic benefits get a huge boost of safe, gentle, healing goodness delivered right to you.

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CBD or Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds that are found in the cannabis and hemp plants. They interact with the cannabinoid receptors that are found within our bodies and help treat an array of ailments and symptoms. Its main or primary function is helping our bodies maintain a steady state of balance or homeostasis. Terpenes work in perfect harmony with the cannabinoids by offering many additional unique sets of therapeutic health/benefits. Certain terpenes and terpene blends can make you feel more, focused, happy ,alert, calm, or sleepy. When Combining CBD oil with certain selected terpene blends can create a targeted CBD oil tincture that has a boost of effects to broaden the range of healing benefits to treat specific conditions.

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Common Terpenes Found in Hemp and Cannabis

  • Myrcene
    This is the most common terpene found in cannabis. It has a deep smell, similar to cloves and is known to be an excellent muscle relaxer. It can help alleviate inflammation and pain, and also has sedative effects, that can help with relaxation or calm.
  • Limonene
    Limonene is derived from the peels of citrus plants and gives cannabis strains a citrusy aroma. It has shown anti-inflammatory properties, works great in anti-seizure therapies, has wound healing properties, and has shown great strides in anti-cancer studies, particularly in the destruction of breast cancer cells. As an added benefit, limonene can also act as a mood booster.
  • A-Pinene
    This terpene is the most common in the plant world. It contains a lot of pine oils so it gives off a very distinct piney smell. It has antiseptic properties and also works as an excellent bronchodilator, making it an effective therapy for asthma sufferers. It’s also known to help increase mental focus, improve alertness, and boost energy levels.
  • Caryophyllene
    This terpenoid can be found in herbs like black pepper, lavender, rosemary, and oregano. Studies have shown that it can effectively help treat ulcers and act as a gastro-protectant. It’s great at treating inflammation and autoimmune conditions.
  • Linalool
    This terpene is commonly used in perfumes. It’s found in herbs and spices like sweet basil, thyme, coriander, and cinnamon. Linalool has been shown to help treat depression and anxiety, relieve stress, and help improve overall mental health. It also has sedative effects and can be a helpful sleep aid.
Terpene Benefit Chart

CBD Oil has now shown to be able to treat conditions like anxiety, pain, inflammation, seizures, and much more. Adding terpenes to CBD oil can help increase the CBD’s overall healing and therapeutic benefits. For an example, Suppose you’re suffering from severe anxiety. CBD oil is known to do amazing wonders in the treatment of anxiety, but if you add the calming effects of Myrcene to CBD oil, you are now treating anxiety with calming and relaxation components as well.

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But taken with CBD has the “Entourage Effect” with the terpenes and CBD working together.

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